About Us


Managing the interaction between human cultures and economies, and natural systems, is critical to achieving long term sustainability.

Brinkman Earth Systems works in the intersection between natural and human systems, researching and developing data, measurement and management tools to advance our ability to balance complex competing interests at the landscape level.

Using our hands on management experience in ecosystems around the globe, and resources including remote sensing, on the ground assessment, local knowledge, and ecological and financial models, our goal is to build economically self sustaining projects which enhance human livelihoods and improve ecological sustainability.  We focus on projects where flexible, adaptive management of natural systems is required to optimize benefits across multiple values.

Brinkman Earth Systems staff work with a wide range of collaborating experts and organizations to provide expert multi-disciplinary teams which can integrate multiple streams of knowledge and expertise to develop unique responses to natural systems problems and opportunities.  Our unique strength is our combination of science, finance, and practical management knowledge and experience.